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5 Ways to Market Your Services

Since the advent of the internet, new methods have emerged to market products and services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a common trend among small businesses whether they are e-commerce stores or a privately owned corner store. This trend has garnered such demand because people now realize their success depends on quality marketing. There fore the better the marketing, the better your chance of attracting a new customer.

Marketing is merely a combination of technology coupled with customer service. Here we have compiled some simple yet effective methods that can be engaged which can be very effective.

Here is my short list of “5 Simple Ways to Market Your Services”.

  1. User-Friendly Web Design: The first step of marketing your services should be to have your own website. Having a user-friendly and intuitive website is a form of marketing. It is important to note that over 65% of the internet traffic is generated by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets etc. Therefore, my advice would be to get your website mobile optimized. Make sure you use quality images on your website and if necessary hire a photographer. First impressions are often lasting so spend the money to make a great first impression.

  2. Local SEO: Most small businesses are location based and the services they offer are definitely for the people of their area. Therefore, a great idea to spread the word around your neighborhood of the services you provide is to have local SEO of your website. This form of SEO attract locals who are potential leads and which will eventually help you in converting these prospects into regular customers.

  3. Customer Service: Once customers start rolling in to get your services, it will be your responsibility to provide them with an awesome customer service experience. This is crucial in that you want to not only give them a wonderful experience, your ultimate goal is to inspire them to want to recommend your product or service to their circle of family and friends.

  4. After new customers frequent your business; it is imperative to follow up. Following up is the best thing you can do to keep abreast of what is important to your clients. In addition to getting a feather in your cap for professionalism, it builds trust with your clients.

  5. People love freebies and discounts! One of the greatest marketing strategies you can employ is to give exclusive discounts to your regular clientele as often as possible. This strategy would start converting leads into customers and would increase your sales in no time flat.

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